woollen undies

Did you know that there's such a thing as woollen underwear? S and I are flying to South America at the end of the year to do some travelling. On our trip we'll be trekking the Inca Trail in the rainy season and hiking to the Lost City through Colombian rainforest. In other words, we're going to get wet. After my friend helpfully pointed out that wearing wet knickers for five days in a row is probably best avoided, I went in search of quick dry underwear. I was very happy to find that Icebreaker, my favourite brand of outdoor clothing (and not just because it's from New Zealand), makes a range of underwear out of its famous merino wool. Although Icebreaker clothing is expensive, it really is quite magical and worth every penny. The merino keeps you warm, wicks moisture away, breathes and doesn't smell; everything you could want in a pair of knickers. Oh, and apparently they don't itch. (They're quite pretty too.) I happily spent a small fortune on Icebreaker's woolly undies, safe in the knowledge that my nether regions will stay nice and dry while we're trekking in the jungle.


  1. Every year when I go skiing I say I'm going to buy some Icebreaker thermals and get rid of the horrid manmade fibre Helly Hensens that I've had for years. And every year after paying for a very expensive ski holiday I can't afford it! I would love some though.

    I walked the Inca Trail in 2007 and it was amazing. I would be more concerned about the lack of toilets than about getting wet though as I got salmonella and was rushed to hospital two hours after leaving Macchu Picchu so I hope you have better luck than me!

    It is the most extraordinary place and you will love it. It's very strange though to turn up there after three days trekking like the Wild Woman of Borneo and be confronted with people who've arrived by train and are wearing high heels and make up!

    Am so envious of your trip!

  2. Oh god that sounds awful! I can't think of anything worse than food poisoning when you're miles from civilisation. Really looking forward to the trip (as long as this doesn't happen to me!). You should definitely try some Icebreaker gear. It's awesome.