regent's canal

There's a canal in London that stretches for nine miles from Little Venice in the North West to Limehouse Basin in the East. It's not far from our house, so on Saturday S and I went for a walk from Regent's Park to Camden Markets. It was a grey and dreary London day. There was no wind and the clouds closed right in on us. I love days like that. (Then yesterday was bright and breezy and that was good too.)

The autumn colours were gorgeous and it was nice to be close to the water. We popped up at Gloucester Ave and discovered Melrose and Morgan, a luxury grocery shop. I was in heaven. We bought some River Cottage yoghurt, which you have to try. This is no ordinary yoghurt. It comes in a glass jar and is extremely decadent (and pricey). The vanilla flavour was to die for. It was rich and creamy, and tasted more like custard than yoghurt. Yum.

Ginger cupcake

After purchasing our yoghurts we crossed the road to the Primrose Bakery for cupcakes, melting moments and fresh mint tea.

London, from the top of Primrose Hill
This is the street I'd like to live on when we win the lottery

Then it was time to wander home through Primrose Hill, before it got dark.


  1. Is that Elsworthy Road? Because if so we'll be neighbours when I'm rich and famous! I love those Arts & Crafts streets, the houses are so pretty (and huge). Lovely photos, I'm totally craving a bit of Regent's Park at the moment.

  2. I miss this part of London, thanks for the trip down memory lane x

  3. @insideology close! it's wadham gardens, which runs parallel. the houses are amazing.

    @Dawn it's beautiful isn't it? i love having it nearby.