wilton way cafe

I kicked off the weekend with brunch at Wilton Way Cafe, a cute little cafe near Hackney Central station. This cafe was recommended to me by my acupuncturist, who insists that all the best cafes are in East London. I think he might be right. The cafe is located amongst an assortment of pretty shops on a fairly residential road. It's small and bright and busy. The serving counter is wrapped in corrugated iron and the lamp shades are all the colours of the rainbow. The cafe uses coffee beans roasted by the famous and local Climpson and Sons and stocks cupcakes from Violet, whose shop is just down the road.

The food was simple, but delicious and very reasonably priced. I had mushrooms and garlic on thick slices of sour dough toast and a flat white. My friends' breakfasts of goat's curd and honey, and oats with yoghurt and berries looked very tasty as well. It seems that East Londoners are too hip for tables though, so we ate our breakfasts off wooden crates instead.

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  1. Yum that sounds amazing, I love goat's curd!