the antlers

The Antlers via NME
I was reading Oh Comely magazine for the first time (Issue 6 I think it was), when I came across the playlist of songs the creators of the magazine listened to while they made the issue. (I love that they include this in the magazine). Bored at work one day, I decided to make my way through the list. The song that stood out to me (by a mile) was I Don't Want Love by The Antlers. After hearing it, I listened to every song by The Antlers I could find on YouTube, then I went home and bought their albums, Hospice and Burst Apart. 

Both albums are brilliant. Hospice is a concept album about a dysfunctional relationship and terminal illness. Not exactly uplifting, but Peter Silberman has created an album that reaches into your soul and takes hold. His fragile falsetto and the band's atmospheric sound are hauntingly beautiful, and the album is an enthralling roller coaster of emotions. The singles Sylvia, Bear and Two are excellent, but to truly appreciate the genius of Hospice, the album needs to be listened to in full. Burst Apart goes in a different direction to Hospice and is equally as good, but maybe not as special or unique. My favourite songs on the album, apart from I Don't Want Love, are French Exit, Hounds and Putting the Dog to Sleep.

After listening to the albums on repeat I searched for tour dates and couldn't believe it when I discovered The Antlers would be playing live in London in a few weeks. I bought tickets immediately. I was concerned that the complex, yet subtle layering of The Antler's music wouldn't translate well in a live show. I needn't have worried. Peter Silberman's voice is strong and the sound is so much bigger and fuller live. It almost felt like Koko was too small a venue to contain it. I was almost moved to tears when they played their last song, Epilogue. It was as though Silberman's voice was drawing the tears out of me. I can't say many live concerts have had the same effect.


  1. Must try a listen! loving your blog s - fab lifestyle bits and beautiful photos x

  2. p.s. totally used your gravy recipe for my chicken pie on the w/end - YUM. thanks!

  3. thanks anna! glad the pie recipe came in handy x