les jardins d'eyrignac

Avenue of Hornbeams

Visiting Les Jardins D'Eyrignac was one of the best things we did in Dordogne.

Avenue of Vases

French Garden

French Garden and Avenue of Hornbeams

Flower Garden

Kitchen Garden

White Garden

View of the Manor from the Enchanted Terrace

The garden, whose gardeners have some mad topiary skills, is a true work of art.


  1. I'm going to google this place. Looks beyond beautiful. I'm deeply envious that you even got to wear a dress. Come summer next year, I'll probably have to blow years of dust off my summer clothes :(

    1. do! it is a really gorgeous place. these photos were taken in france in early september... hence the dress! we're going back to nz for xmas and my summer wardrobe is pretty non-existant. slightly worrying! may have to do some shopping while i'm there, what a shame!