I turned 30 today. It was quite wonderful in the end.

We started easing the pain the celebrations early, on my birthday eve, with a bottle of champagne and sunset-watching on our balcony.

This morning we bought pastries from the boulangerie at the bottom of the hill, drank birthday tea and opened presents. I Skyped my parents and spoke to my in-laws. I received messages from my wonderful friends and felt very loved. I was totally spoilt by my awesome husband.

Foie gras. Of course.

We had a very long lunch at Chez Julien in Paunat. It was the most idyllic spot.

Attempting to pose for a photo whilst being mauled by a herd of dogs (seriously, this was only half of them)

When we got back to Beynac, we had a quick dip in the Dordogne before an evening stroll through the countryside where we met a real life dog lady.

It was the bestest day, and although I sometimes forget, at 30 I have a whole lot in my life to be happy about and so much to look forward to in this brand new decade (plus, I hear 30's the new 21). Also, I became an auntie yesterday. A baby niece may be the best birthday present ever.


  1. Happy belated birthday! It's lovely to *meet* another fellow Kiwi living in the UK. I love my 30s! I've got another short year left before launching into the big 4-0.

    This looks like an incredible way to celebrate your birthday. The first photo is simply stunning.

    1. hi! It's been lovely *meeting* you too - I'm so enjoying your blog, you are one stylish lady! I love the track suit outfits and have bought my own pair to play with :) I am excited about my 30s, I'm glad you're loving yours!

  2. Happy birthday! Your holiday looks perfect x