the chelsea flower show

The Chelsea Flower Show was on back when it was hot and sunny. Remember that week? It's a distant memory now... S and I attended on the Saturday and it was a glorious day, beautiful blue skies and scorching hot sunshine. 

We met some friends and wandered through the exhibits in the shade of the Great Pavilion. There were ingenious watering systems, where a series of plants were being drip-fed by the oxygen tubes you can buy for fish tanks, seedlings growing in bottle caps, beautiful lupins and roses, pink pineapples, bonsai trees over 100 years old, a million varieties of daffodils and carnivorous plants worth £70,000.

My favourite exhibit was designed by some school children who turned a vandalised junk yard into something beautiful. Plants were growing out of old shoes, flowers were blossoming in a pile of used tyres and lilly-pads were blooming in an oil drum; it was wonderful!

The show gardens were so pretty and very English with fields of wild-flowers, streams and caravans.

We drank Pimms and champagne in the sunshine and when the crowds and heat got too much we called it a day and went to the pub.

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