sandra juto's wrist worms

Sandra and her wrist worms

I love love love Sandra Juto's wrist worms. They're the best thing ever on cold days; I've been wearing mine every day since October. I have 2.5 pairs (I lost one, it was very upsetting) and I've gifted a pair to almost every member of my family and my friends. Sandra crochets her wrist worms and they're made out of 100% wool or merino wool (there are non-wool pairs too), so they keep your hands super toasty and warm. There are so many colours, patterns and wool thicknesses available, it makes choosing a pair very difficult. I have the original wrist worms in grey and the tweed wrist worms in beige (you can see me in my wrist worms here), but almost every week I see a new pair that I really want. If I was doing Christmas presents this year, I'd be buying wrist worms in bulk.


  1. Is that you with the glass of wine? Love it! Must get some....

  2. haha yes! i'm at a wine tasting in a cave in budapest. yes, you must get some wrist worms ;p