east london treasures

Hackney City Farm
Columbia Road flowers and buskers
The Bridge, Shoreditch. Get a hot chocolate with lots of cream and head upstairs to this amazing space

Here are some pictures of what I wish I was doing this weekend. Instead we'll be packing our bags for South America and getting our flat ready to be packed up and moved.

I've spent a lot of time in East London in the 6 months we've been back from Ireland. Sometimes I think it would be fun to move there when we get back to London next year so I could spend more time discovering all the wonderful treasures it has to offer, but I'm a North London girl at heart (and way too unhip for East London). It's a pretty cool place to visit though.

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  1. Love the old man with the tuba!
    I know what you mean, to be honest I think all the 'hipsters' would irritate the hell out of me if I lived there. There are so many interesting things and different perspectives to see though.

    Hope you have a brilliant trip, sounds fab.