We had a lovely lazy Sunday. I made a dent in our stash of frozen ripe bananas and made Nigella's Banana Bread for breakfast. I didn't have any rum or walnuts unfortunately, so the sultanas went in as is and I substituted the walnuts for chocolate, which was extra delicious. In the afternoon we cleaned off our bikes for the first time in over a year and went on our first cycle through London to test out a route to my new job. I'm not the most confident road-cycler at the best of times and taking on London's weekend traffic was pretty nerve-racking. I'm hoping to find a quieter route so I can brave the roads by myself. I see so many cycle commuters these days and it makes me very jealous! It's definitely the fastest way for me to get to work so I'll keep you posted. 

On another note, the sun is shining again in London! We're celebrating with a picnic in the park this evening and brownies are on the menu, yum! 

P.S. How awesome was Cavendish's stage win on the Champs-Élysées? So stoked for Team Sky. I can't wait to see Team GB perform on Saturday in London!

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