food from the sky

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of volunteering for FOOD from the SKY. FOOD from the SKY is a brilliant not for profit project where food is grown on a roof in Crouch End and supplied to the supermarket below. As Thornton's Budgens says, it's "the ultimate local product". This social enterprise is a collaboration between Thornton's Budgens supermarket, the Positive Earth Project and the local community. The aim is to  effect change in the food industry by inspiring and educating the community about growing food in an urban environment and the positive impact growing food locally and sustainably can have on the environment.

FOOD from the SKY's vision is 'To grow Life, Food, and Community in our most cemented places and to bring the Heart back in our supermarkets!' It was clear from my visit on Wednesday that they have done just that. There were volunteers from all walks of life; students, retirees, the unemployed (ahem), who were all more than willing to do whatever was needed (weeding, watering, planting seedlings, transplanting, shifting two tonnes of compost to the roof...). Some had been volunteering every week since the project started nearly two years ago and were able to share their extensive knowledge of food growing, others had come for the first time. Everyone I met had a different story, but everyone was there for the same reason: to support this wonderful enterprise in making a difference to the community. 

FOOD from the SKY has also succeeded in inspiring organisations locally and internationally. Two of the volunteers were students looking to create a similar garden at their university, where students could learn about growing food and buy cheap organic produce. Another volunteer was an Australian researching how similar community gardens can be replicated on his side of the world. 

The greenhouse is made from recycled plastic bottles!
The space is a lush, green oasis in the middle of this great city. It's a beautiful place to spend time with nature, meet new people, get your hands dirty and be inspired. Check out their website to find out how you can get involved.


  1. This is great! A former colleague of mine is doing something similar with apartment building rooftops in Auckland http://urbanpantry.co.nz/ if any of your readers are in NZ and would like to get involved in something similar. x

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